How It Works

Event Type

We will construct a food and/or drink themed event to match your Business and/or Charity. 


Choosing a Venue is a primary composition to your event. Allow us to guide you to one that best fits your needs.


Food brings people to these events but having a schedule of activities keeps them there. Your stage will be filled with entertaining productions related to your theme/cause and the walk through activities will be just as captivating. 

Food and Drinks

Our entire focus is to make our region a worldwide food destination. Thus, our events follow that mission. We only source local restaurants, distilleries, wineries, and breweries.

Vendors and Sponsorships

Finding reliable vendors and sponsors is very time consuming. Leave it to us.

Marketing and Promotions

Creating a world class event is only 50% of our job. The other 50% lies in bringing the public to you. We utilize a multimedia approach to raise attendance to the event and awareness that will carry through after the event.

What We've Produced

Taste Of Hampton Roads 2012

For this event I was brought in as the Culinary Chair for Hampton Roads largest restaurant showcase to benefit the Food Bank of Southeastern Virginia. 

Lowell Food and Wine Festival 2015

I took part in programming and MC'd as the Culinary Chair for Luwell Food and Wine Festival, one of the top food and wine events to take place in the Boston area.

Taste Of Ghent 2017

We created, developed, and executed this special annual event with the help of the schools PTA. It was the leading fundraiser for the local public school.

No upcoming events.